Copper Gutters

Copper Gutters — it’s the most elegant and prestigious choice for a rain gutter system available. Hands down. Ultimately, the key question is, “do you love the look?”

We associate this material with stately homes and historic era appearances. For centuries, it has been the material of choice for many of the world’s most prolific structures. It’s not only elegant but it’s widely considered a great long-term investment.

We produce and install copper gutter systems for residential homes and commercial structures in Murfreesboro, Middle Tennessee, and Greater Nashville.

custom copper gutters on brick house over front door and fascia by lovett gutters murfreesboro

Impressive Benefits

Most types of gutters will benefit from the first 5 items on this list, but copper gutters beat out the other materials with the 6th benefit – longevity!

  1. They don’t rust.
  2. They are algae-proof and fungi-proof.
  3. They’re structurally stable and sound.
  4. They’re durable and do a good job of standing up to our climate here in the Tampa metro area.
  5. They’re low maintenance in the extreme.
  6. They can last for up to a century.
custom copper gutters on brick house over front door and fascia by lovett gutters murfreesboro

Copper Gutter Installations

Thes most common types of copper gutters we install include half-round, box, and European box. Each type has its benefits. I’m happy to work with you to determine which option is most appropriate for the architecture of your home and the functionality of the rainwater system.


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Explore copper gutters for your home.

Are copper gutters more expensive?

Yes. Copper is naturally a more expensive metal than aluminum. In addition to the strength of the material:

  • All the accessories and fasteners must also match because other metals can react adversely and break down the copper.
  • They require extra time and care to install to prevent premature tarnishing, including the use of special gloves for installation.
  • They often require additional soldering around the joints.

All gutter installation projects include several variables.

Copper Downspouts

Speaking of accessories and fasteners, copper downspouts are equally versatile. There are options for downspout types made of copper as well:

  • Round
  • Rectangle
  • Box

The decision is always a healthy blend of aesthetics and functionality. Then finish it off by incorporating matching rain chains into the overall design!

custom copper round downspout elbow by lovett gutters
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buddha cup rain chains on white brick house in murfreesboro tennessee

The Strength of Copper

They are heavier, more stationary, and more solid than aluminum. Both are metals and can dent in similar ways (i.e., being struck by a tree).

To its benefit, copper expands and contracts much slower than other metals (i.e aluminum) in the heat of Middle Tennessee summers.

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Lovett Gutters is one of few guttering companies in Middle Tennessee with machines to produce copper gutters on-site. While we produce them for our own residential projects, we also regularly produce and deliver them to commercial customers.

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Copper Gutters Oxidation & Maintenance

While their longevity out-performs aluminum gutters, they still exist outside in the elements. You can do several things to protect them like copper cleaning solution or UV-resistant antioxidant coating. These recommendations apply to any type of copper gutter – half-round, box, European box, or k-style.

Why Oxidation?

The natural mix of the sun’s UV rays and the chemical makeup of rainwater causes oxidation, which may be seen as a familiar “patina” green (think Statue of Liberty – as an extreme example).

Although you may see them oxide on the surface in a couple of years, the finish can be restored. However, copper in a gutter world is sometimes left to oxidize because the desired look is to be aged.

There are products on the market to help keep your copper gutters in your desired look, such as:

Copper Cleaning Solution

UV Resistant Antioxidant Coating

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custom copper gutters on brick house over front door and fascia by lovett gutters murfreesboro