European Box Gutters

European Box Gutters — as the name suggests, they feature a more square, rectangular, or “boxy” look. They’re a particularly attractive sight and can seamlessly complement roof outlines, which is why they’re often the go-to choice for commercial or industrial buildings (flat roofs). However, homeowners are often in search of a more modern or concealed look to differentiate themselves from their neighbors with more common gutter profiles.

Today, you can get European box gutters in nearly all the same colors and material types) as other gutter profiles.

We produce and install European box gutter systems for residential homes and commercial structures in Murfreesboro, Middle Tennessee, and Greater Nashville.

grey aluminum half round gutters on brick home in murfreesboro

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What Makes A Box Gutter “European”?

The core difference between “box” gutters and a “European box” gutters is a different design that removes the entire top lip to create a true, square-box profile.

With European box gutters, we’re after a modern, concealed, and seamless look, similar to standard box gutters. The aesthetic advantage of both profiles is that they blend in rather than protrude out from the roofline like other styles.

From a functionality standpoint, box gutters have a larger aperture, meaning the larger style allows them to move water efficiently. They’re actually installed and built into the roof, a tremendous benefit to flat-roof commercial structures, modern homes, and historic homes.

white metal galvalume half round gutter close up with half round brackets on historic home

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European Box Gutter Installations

They are available in the following standard sizes:

  • Residential: 5″, 6″, 7″, and 8″
  • Commercial: 5″, 6″, 7″, and 8″
  • Industrial: 5″, 6″, 7″, 8″, and 10″

We will review colors and materials with you, along with downspouts, elbows, hangers, end caps, outlets, and any other gutter accessories needed to make your system visually stunning and functionally strong.

The dimensions of each side change with the overall width (inches.) of the box gutter profile.

Euro Box Profile

profile dimensions of european box gutters lovett gutters

Explore European box gutters for your home.

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Residential European Box Gutters

Since European box gutters are built into the roofline and fascia, we’re often at the mercy of the quality of the contractors who came before us. Gutters are one of the final additions. This places more importance on the quality of previous contractors.

If there are dips, bends, weathering, or bowing in your roofing, framing, and shingling, this may impact our ability to install your gutters.

lovett custom gutters murfreesboro tennesee local gutter downspout expert logo white 462x109

Lovett Gutters is one of few guttering companies in Middle Tennessee with machines to produce gutters on-site. While we produce them for our own residential projects, we also regularly produce and deliver them for commercial customers.

lovett gutters half round gutter installer producing half round gutter machine middle tennessee
lovett gutters producing copper half round gutter for installation on home near you in middle tennessee

Need 2 pics of your machine – same pics like above – just Euro gutters

Which Metal Types for European Box Gutter?

This is really more of a personal or aesthetic choice. We might consider the architecture of the home or commercial structure, and what visually appeals to you. Each metal type has its merits in certain designs. I frequently offer advice to help guide your decisions on the functionality and long-term success of your rainwater system.

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Galvalume
  • Stainless Steel
  • Zinc

Metal Gauges & Thicknesses

  • Aluminum: .027″, .032″, or .040″ metal
  • Copper: 16 oz. or 20 oz. per sq. ft.
  • Galvalume or Stainless Steel: 24 or 26 gauge
different box gutters colors and metals aluminum copper black white
black aluminum box gutters on residential home in murfreesboro tennessee by lovett gutters

If pics of Euro in different material types doesn’t exist, then use 2 shots of home overviews w/ Euro

Which Downspouts for European Box Gutter

Again, this is really a decision of the design of the gutter system and architecture of the home or commercial structure. Typically, you’ll the downspouts match the gutters, but each option has its merits in certain designs. The downspout metal and gutter metal also typically match.

  • Round
  • Rectangle
  • Box

The decision is always a healthy blend of aesthetics and functionality. Then finish it off by incorporating matching rain chains into the overall design!

close up of round downspouts connecting to a half round gutter system in tennessee

Picture of where Euro meets the downspout

Leaf Guards for European Box Gutters

Can you put leaf guards on box gutters? Yes.

I’m a proud distributor and installer of OneGutter Guards, a professional-grade product and an industry leader in gutter guard systems that offer leaf guards for all gutter profiles.

Learn more about Leaf Gutter Guards.

K-style gutters have been used so frequently in the past that newer styles, like European box gutters, box gutters, or half-round gutters, are becoming more common. Anything that helps distinguish homes or commercial structures from one another, especially in a competitive housing and property market, can be an advantage to developers.

tuxedo grey galvalume half round gutters and round downspouts on home in tennessee

Picture of leaf guard on Euro box (or overview home pic if leaf guard doesn’t exist)