Half Round Gutters

Half Round Gutters — in many cases a go-to choice for historic and traditional homes, but they’re becoming more popular in modern, upscale construction. They provide a different profile, but they add a few benefits worth consideration. The round shape is much better at promoting the movement of rainwater, as opposed to staying the flat bottom of the gutter.

Today, you can get half-round gutters in nearly all the same colors as other gutter profiles.

We produce and install half round gutter systems for residential homes and commercial structures in Murfreesboro, Middle Tennessee, and Greater Nashville.

grey aluminum half round gutters on brick home in murfreesboro

Impressive Benefits

With half round gutters, the resistance is lower. This helps prevent water from standing or pooling inside your gutters. This has a lasting effect on your gutter system because pooling water can lead to corrosion. In addition, the smoother-round profile allows waterborne debris to flow more freely, reducing the risk of clogs.

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white metal galvalume half round gutter close up with half round brackets on historic home

Half Round Gutter Installations

They are available in the following standard sizes (6″, 7″, and 8″).

We will review colors and materials with you, along with downspouts, elbows, hangers, end caps, outlets, and any other gutter accessories needed to make your system visually stunning and functionally strong.


profile dimensions of half 6 inch half round gutter lovett gutters


profile dimensions of half 7 inch half round gutter lovett gutters


profile dimensions of half 8 inch half round gutter lovett gutters

Explore half-round gutters for your home.

Half Round Gutter Sizes

What makes a specific size new? It takes specialized machines to produce gutters, even different sizes of the same profile type. By producing gutters on-site, we’re able to greatly reduce waste metal by producing them to exact sizes.

Since 2022, we’ve also offered 7″ half round gutters in all metal types.

Another benefit of producing certain profiles in-house is the reduction of seams. When purchasing gutters from a supplier, for example, they may arrive in 20-foot lengths. In this case, the joints need to be soldered together. However, when produced by in-house machines, were able to produce exact, full-length, seamless gutters.

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Lovett Gutters is one of few guttering companies in Middle Tennessee with machines to produce gutters on-site. While we produce them for our own residential projects, we also regularly produce and deliver them to commercial customers.

lovett gutters half round gutter installer producing half round gutter machine middle tennessee
lovett gutters producing copper half round gutter for installation on home near you in middle tennessee

Which Metal Types for Half Round Gutters?

This is really a decision of the design of the gutter system, the architecture of the home or commercial structure, and what visually appeals to you. Each metal type has its merits in certain designs. I frequently offer advice to help guide your decisions on the functionality and long-term success of your rainwater system.

  • Copper Gutters
  • Galvalume
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Zinc

These are the best intersection between aesthetic appeal and quality. Going with a qualified gutter professional is the best way to ensure that your copper gutters and downspouts are installed correctly and that you get the most out of your new system.

Metal Gauge & Thickness

  • 6-inch: gauge is typically .027″ metal
  • 7- and 8-inch: gauge is typically .032″ metal
copper half round gutters with custom handers on brick home in tennessee
dark copper half round gutters on historic home in tennessee

Choosing Half Round Gutter Beads

The bead on a half round gutter is the profile of its lip, which can be Traditional / Euro, Reverse, or Double Bead. The core difference in these bead options is primarily visual:

  • Reverse Bead: means the front bead curls inwards in “reverse.” These are the most common in today’s installation practices.
  • Traditional/Euro Bead: means the front bead curls outwards. This style is now less popular because it reveals the inside side of the metal, which is sometimes unfinished and may appear a different color.

These two options feature an open hem to rest on the fascia.

  • Double bead: A more old fashion gutter, with a curled bead on both the front and backside of the gutter. We would use double bead hangers and rods to install and secure these.
examples of traditional euro and reverse bead on half round gutters

Which Downspouts for Half Round Gutters?

Again, this is really a decision of the design of the gutter system and architecture of the home or commercial structure. Typically, you’ll the downspouts match the gutters, but each option has its merits in certain designs. The downspout metal and gutter metal also typically match.

  • Round
  • Rectangle
  • Box

The decision is always a healthy blend of aesthetics and functionality. Then finish it off by incorporating matching rain chains into the overall design!

close up of round downspouts connecting to a half round gutter system in tennessee

Half Round Gutter Leaf Guards

Can you put leaf guards on half round gutters? Yes.

I’m a proud distributor and installer of OneGutter Guards, a professional-grade product and an industry leader in gutter guard systems that offer leaf guards for all gutter profiles.

Learn more about Leaf Gutter Guards.

K-style gutters have been used so frequently in the past that newer styles, like half-round and box gutters, are becoming more common. Anything that helps distinguish homes or commercial structures from one another, especially in a competitive housing and property market, can be an advantage to developers.

tuxedo grey galvalume half round gutters and round downspouts on home in tennessee