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black rain collector box leader conductor head on white brick home in murfreesboro

As an enhancement to modern, traditional, and historic gutters, rain collectors can play an important role in your system.

Where are collector boxes installed? Typically, we install them on the front of the home for aesthetic reasons, but can also choose the backside or patio depending on your roof’s architecture and the expectations on the watershed. They’re equally applicable on commercial structures.

We install them just below the gutter, at the very top of a downspout. We’ll use collector boxes to help add air into the gutter line to prevent excess noise and avoid vacuum lock. They also hold excess water from the gutters, valleys of your roof, and roof scuppers during periods of higher rain. For these reasons, you may know collector boxes by a few common names:

Conductor Heads

Conductor Boxes

Collector Heads

Gutter Heads

Leader Heads

Scupper Boxes

Rainwater Head


Incorporate rain collector boxes into your design!

See Them in Action!

contemporary downspouts black box gutters on white brick home in murfreesboro tennessee ftimg

In this portfolio piece, the design includes a black gutter and downspout system with black collector boxes against a white brick house in Murfreesboro. The customer desired an artisan look with a high degree of curb appeal.

Take a look >>

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Where We Get Our Collector Boxes

  • Manufactured in the United States (North Carolina)
  • K&M is a Women Owned Company and an Equal Opportunity Employer
  • A focus on employees as the backbone of their company
  • Safe and secure experience – just like at Lovett Gutters
  • Willing to produce custom and unique design leader heads

Thank you – in part – to our supplier for allowing us to share some of their example leader head photos below with you.

km sheet metal conductor heads collector boxes and leader heads logo 149x75

Examples of Leader Heads

example of standard white rain collector box conductor leader head


example of traditional copper rain collector box conductor leader head


example of premium copper rain collector box conductor leader head


example of inside corner black rain collector box conductor leader head

Inside Corner

example of outside corner white rain collector box conductor leader head

Outside Corner

example of custom copper rain collector box conductor leader head


Examples of Leader Heads

nutshell stores rain chains at lovett gutters murfreesboro 720px

Rain Collector Options

You have an incredible amount of options. Trends and designs change over the years, and homes often have unique gutter designs. We’re happy to help select the perfect option for your home. We can also accommodate reproducing historic leader heads!

The decorative nature plays a part in your choices; however, the best working leader heads will also serve a purpose.

Rain Collector FAQ?

About any metal to be consistent with (or complementary to) your gutter/downspout system.

Although the most popular are copper, standard available metals also include Aluminum, Galvalume, Kynar® Coated Steel, and Zinc. Custom collector boxes may also come in Stainless Steel, Lead Coated Copper, and Freedom Gray.

No. We will not install fake, faux, aftermarket, or clip-on collector boxes.

Rain collector boxes serve for both aesthetics and functionality. They are part of the system, whether we include them in a new installation and design or part of a remodel.

Any color to match or complement your design.

Copper, black, matte black, charcoal, Freedom Gray®, dark bronze, musket brown, royal brown, almond, linen, low gloss white, high gloss white, stainless steel, zinc… the list goes on. We invite you to check out our supplier for color ideas.

Request a quote today and let me know if you’d like to include leader heads in your gutter and downspout design.

Thank You

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