Downspout Options & Installation

Downspouts are equally part of a functioning gutter system. The purpose of a downspout is to allow water from a gutter to reach the ground without dripping or splashing down the building structure. They’re built to match the overall design of your gutter system, including shape, size, and material.

They’re usually vertical and extend down to ground level. We may route them at angles to avoid (or compliment) architectural features, or they may discharge onto an intermediate roof to be caught by another set of gutters. It often depends on the overall architecture of your home or business.

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Round Downspouts

The round downspouts create a historic or luxury look that some homeowners love. These mostly go on homes that are more expensive because of their classic curb appeal. If you walk in some historic cities you’ll notice a lot of solid copper round downspouts.

These come in 3”, 4”, and 6” diameters.

Box or Square

Box or square downspouts typically pair well with modern industrial homes or commercial buildings such as restaurants.

Usually 4”x 4” and are custom made per job. Some commercials properties do have bigger box downspouts like 8” x 8” and are also custom made.

These typically have a collector box or scupper located on the top to collect the massive amounts of water that pours out of the roof openings.

Collector boxes are used for residential as well. They’re more of a design piece on the houses.

Rectangular Downspouts

These are pretty straightforward and the most common downspouts you see.

They come in 2×3″, 3×4″, 4×5″, and so on. We determine which dimensions are best for your house or commercial structure depending on the rest of the system and overall architecture.

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Rain Chains

We typically install rain chains next to outdoor spaces (porches, patios, decks, pergolas), multi-season rooms, or gardens.

Rain chains provide a relaxing, peaceful sound as water funnels down through cups, chains, etc… They attach to the gutter through a funnel and anchor to a bowl, rock, flower pot, and so on.

There are thousands of different designs and they come in nearly all metals. Homeowners that have an interest in rain chains can include them as part of the new residential gutter and downspout projects. I’m happy to include these as part of our overall system.

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